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About Me


This Is The Page Where I`ll Describe Myself In More Detail.

About Me
Ok Heres The 411 On Me I Am 31 Yrs. Old ,
I`m Hispanic(French,Irish,Indian & Spanish),
I Have Brown Hair , Brown Eyes, i`m 5Ft. 11 In.
I`m Not Giving Out My Weight lol You`ll Just Have
To Guess On That One lol
Well So Far The Only Thing I Can Say About Myself Is That I Have The Most Awesome Family A Guy Could Have Ever Asked For
I Am A Guy That Has Alot Of New Friends That I`ve Made In The Last Few Weeks But For Everyone Else I Have Alot Of Friends That I Have Made On Yahoo That I`ve Known For Over 2 to 3 Years Now And The Are Like My 2nd Family They Are Always There When Ever I Need Someone To Talk To Or Just To Goof Around And Play Different Games Online They Are Totally Awesome And i Care About Every Single One Of My Friends 
Real Name: Chris 
Nickname: xXxStonerxXx 
Location:  Granite City,Illinois
Age:  30 
Marital Status: Long Term RelationShip
Gender:  Male
More About Me
Hobbies: Talking To My Friends Online And When Ever Possible I Talk
To My Friends At Chat Parties
My Fav. Quotes Are:
Chance Favors The Prepared Mind & My Other Fav. Quote Is
"Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuck-Ups!!!!!!!"


Here's A List Of Some Of My Fav. Movies: Matrix, Silence Of The Lambs,Dracula2000,All The NightMare On Elm Street Movies,All The Friday The 13th Movies,All The HellRaiser Movies,All The Halloween Movies Except Part 3 That One Sucked Bigtime,Etc. Etc. Etc. To Many Others To Name Off Right Now lol

I Listen To Alot Of Music There`s Too Many Music Bands And Solo Artists That I Listen To
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